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Widows Pension

A widow’s pension is a payment from the government of a country to a person whose spouse has died. Such payments are made to a widow whose late husband has satisfied all the requirements of a country like contribution, cohabitation and length of marriage.

Widows Pension Types

Social Security Widows Pension Benefits

A widow who receives special benefits from the government such as social security is entitled to different benefits. If the widow does not pay his/her social security taxes, he/she may receive reduced pension amount from the government, state or federal.

Veteran Affair Benefits

Widows of deceased wartime veterans are entitled to receive pension from the government as long as they do not remarry. A difference amount is calculated between the annual rate of payment and the pension rate established by the Congress. This difference amount is paid to the widow in 12 monthly payments rounded to the nearest dollar.

Percentage of Benefit Amounts

Widow’s pension’s benefit amount will vary according to the amount the deceased worker paid into Social Security. More the amount, greater will be the benefits of the widow. The percentage of benefit amount also depends on the survivor’s age and relationship to the deceased worker. Following are the most typical situations:

  • If the survivors are children, they receive 5 percent of the worker’s benefit amount.
  • A widow or widower who has reached the age of retirement or older than that will receive 100% of the benefit amount.
  • If the widow or widower has a child below the age of 16, he/she will receive 75 percent of the benefit amount.
  • A widow or widower age 60 or more but under the full retirement age is entitled to receive 71-99 percent of the worker’s benefit amount.

Widows Pension UK

The widow of a British pensioner will be entitled to receive her husband’s basic pension, along with one half of his graduated pension and also his State Second Pension. The amount of the pension will be 100% if the worker was due to retire before 6th October 2002. If the pensioner has retired after 5th October 2010 the benefit will fall to 50%.

Widows Pension Ireland

In Ireland a widow’s pension rate differs according to the age. If the widow’s age is under 66 years, her pension will be 201.50 euro. If the widower is of 66 years of age and under 80 her pension rate will be 230.30 euro. If the widow is much older like 80 years and above her pension benefit amount will be 240.30 euro.

Widows Pension Canada

The Canadian Pension Plan death benefit is a one-time payment made to the late worker’s estate. If there is no estate the payment will be contributed to the funeral expenses for which the spouse or the common-law partner will be responsible to handle. Another benefit is known as the Canadian Pension Plan Survivor’s pension. This benefit amount is paid to the legal spouse or common law or partner of the deceased at the time of death.

Widows Pension Australia

In Australia, the maximum rate of widow’s pension is $755.50 every fortnight. This benefit amount includes a supplement of $60.20. The rate has been effective from the 20th march, 2012. As per the Australian Government, the widow’s rate varies according to circumstances. A war widow will get an amount of $765.60. Also, a war widow is entitled to a temporary allowance for 26 weeks, after the husband or civil partner has died. Funeral expenses of 1400 pounds are also paid by the service personnel and veterans agency. However if the widow is entitled to other benefits like Income Support, Support allowance benefit, your widow’s pension will get affected.

So, if you are looking for details on widow’s pension, the above points will give you he required information.